PiPED by Rick... The message is simple...

Bringing a little light to your life by way of functional artwork. All lamps, furniture and shelving are unique and handmade by me, Rick Meeker.

I make one-of-a-kind pieces using antiques, artifacts, and vintage things, that are integrated with industrial pipes.

Each piece has a story, a history, a past... Some may say they even have a soul. 

If you'd like information about any of the lamps or any of the other creations, please contact me. I also do custom made to order lamps, so hit me up if you have an idea or theme you'd like to showcase. 

Thanks :) 

~Rick Meeker

Creating unique artwork

using pipes, antiques and vintage objects found along the way.



Come Follow me! I will be at numerous flea market and showrooms in the LA area. More importantly I'll be collaborating with local artists on some really cool projects.

Through my travels, I'll be posting about the interesting things I find and unusual characters I meet along the way. 

The adventure has just begun!  

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